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Digby Roundabout (2017) from Kelsay Books.  Purchase information.  “A succinct tour-de-force of literary vision akin to the plain-speaking, sublime poetry of Wendell Berry or Ted Kooser.”





A Jerusalem of Ponds (2016) from erbacce Press. Purchase information.   “The long awaited new chapbook from a poet whose words sing a refrain to the purity of emotions unclothed; a gem of a collection.”







Little Town gods (2016) from Folded Word publishing. Purchase information.   “Echoing across the Jordan River and back again, navigating among languages that have just walked away, L. Ward Abel’s poems traverse overgrown ruins, seeing all – transforming all they see. Abel is one of those rare poets who can dig deep below where we live, down to where a ‘swelling without sound / meets and greets and holds on to all / that is…'”



(2013) In his customary unique poetic drawl, Abel’s new collection of poems, Roseorange, covers topics such as history (“Robert E. Lee’s Photograph”) and music (“Bill Evans,” “The Late, Great Jack Teagarden”). But it also walks the American Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Naples, observing the artists and ordinary people that inhabit the eloquent mind of this poet. As only he can, L. Ward Abel simultaneously paints and sings with his pen in this release from Flutter Press.


Cousins Over Colder Fields (2013) An ambitious examination of museums, battlefields, cultures and questions that the poet has–all coming together in hymns to the unresolved.




book-bruise American Bruise (2012) The bruises in the poems by L. Ward Abel are those left on the American landscape and history, especially the rural settings populated by men like Lincoln and Whitman. His poetry explores the back roads and rivers of the nation and what has been left there to decay: “…no ceiling to shield the rain from reaching / what used to be the floor. I think those places are / more holy now / with a view straight up / and into heaven.”



Torn Sky Bleeding Blue (2010) “… a wondrous collection of winter tree poems that build from pure starkness (the collection) demands as many readings as we have years left to read.” – Professor James R. Elkins




The Heat of Blooming (2008) Abel’s collection from the highly respected Ohio publisher, Pudding House.
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Jonesing for Byzantium (2006) The poems in Jonesing For Byzantium are loosely combined into an ode to the Piedmont skree, both human and natural, that inhabits the countryside in Georgia (USA): the dark and the light; the reds and greens; the living and dead. These pieces attempt to communicate how the remoteness of the rural American South ultimately relates to the outer and inner realms of the poet and reader alike. Like the world, this poet’s home is in a state of constant change now, as the landscape is no longer isolated nor as simple as ‘agriculture’ and ‘shoulder-room.’


Peach Box and Verge (2003) “The poems are strong, seemingly concocted from the natural and unnatural environments of the South, an admixture of metaphor and riversong… while Abel is comfortable with nature, with what Pliny called ‘either a kind parent or a merciless stepmother,’ he is also the poet of the particular, drawing deep image from the everyday. He evokes doorways, London, dumpsters, churches, mills and tracks. And from all this he makes a music, which, we hope, is the job of the true poet.” -Corey Mesler, author of Talk: A Novel in Dialogue and Chin-Chin in Eden, a chapbook of poems.

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